Green Bay Packers Quarterback Brett Favre Retires

The Green Bay Packers quarterback for the past seventeen seasons has been Brett Favre. Brett decided on Tuesday that after seventeen long seasons he is emotionally and mentally drained and that he would retire. Brett has been toying with the idea for the past few seasons and many of the Green Bay Packers team and fans probably knew it was soon to come.

Brett Favre says he can still play football but the fact he is so drained mentally is the reason he is retiring this off-season. I think the Packers made a nice run this season and with almost making the Superbowl I would have thought Brett might stay another year. I hate to see him leave on that interception late against the Giants although I’m sure nobody will remember him by that one interception.

Favre played seventeen seasons with the Green Bay Packers and he was named MVP of the league three times throughout his career. He also set many records which I can’t even picture a quarterback being able to break for years to come. Brett Favre broke all of these records throughout this season and I can see how it’s been mentally draining for him. Here are the four huge records Brett broke this year in Green Bay.

1. Most Touchdown Passes Brett Favre – 442
2. Most Passing Yards Brett Favre – 61,655
3. Quarterback Win By Starter Brett Favre – 160
4. Interceptions Brett Favre – 288

Brett Favre will always be remembered as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game of football and to his opponents he will be remembered as one of the fiercest competitors of all-time. Brett Favre is a guaranteed selection into the hall of fame and will definitely be a first ballot inductee. The hall of fame is the biggest accomplishment for any football player to achieve and Brett Favre deserves to be on a pedestal when he is inducted.

I would like to end this report with adding a few personal thoughts. I would of loved to see Brett Favre been able to win a Superbowl and I think it’s terrible that he never did win one. Green Bay should have tried harder to pick up free agent Randy Moss and then I think Brett Favre would of stayed with the team this year and tried to go for a Superbowl run with Moss and himself.

I think with Moss they could have won the Superbowl this year but I guess that would be strictly speculation since we will never know the answer to this. Brett Favre is one of my favorite players ever to play football and he has been playing since I was age 1. When you watch Favre playing you never know what could happen and he had such a strong powerful arm that he could throw it downfield on you anytime and surprise the defense.

I wish Brett Favre and his family the best of luck with their newer peaceful lives. I would love to see Brett Favre think about becoming a commentator someday as I feel he’d be perfect for it. I’m sure after the initial relaxation period with his family he may consider becoming a commentator only time will tell. In the meantime lets work on getting him inducted into the hall of fame and start developing Aaron Rodgers.

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